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Radio Ramblings #3: First Day Back

Welcome back to your first day of work for 2020.

I know, I know. You wish those two weeks holidays could be extended through to the Australia Day long weekend, but the station needs to keep ticking along, and you're a vital part of that.

It may not seem like it. You might be thinking to yourself "I wonder if i'll be able to help my company along in not only this new year but new decade."

But you will. Your creativity, your positive attitude... even just you being there is enough to grease up the cogs of the business to help make them move at 110% again.

Don't ever think you don't provide something to your company.

Your task for 2020: provide even more.

If you're a producer, learn another skill like promotions. In announcing? Learn what the digital content producer does on your show.

Being able to do multiple different things in this industry is essential. Having that point of difference from the next ten people who want your job make you invaluable to your company.

Plus it'll make what you do in your job so much more beneficial to the team and the company. If you know about the video side of radio, you might just make the right move to help take that Facebook video from 3k views to 300k views.

Have the ability to do more, and more will come to you.

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