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Radio Ramblings #2: Beach Vibes

As I'm writing this, it's Christmas night, so first things first; Merry Christmas to you all!

Those who are lucky enough to be with family, and even those who are spending christmas with their radio families, I hope it has been a good one.

I'm spending time with mine down in Bunbury WA. Absolutely gorgeous part of the world, the South West of WA. The likes of Margaret River, Busselton, Augusta and Bunbury all encompass this amazing area.

As many Australian families do on Christmas day, my family decided to spend a few minutes at the beach, and it's there I realised something about radio.

Like the waves, in our creativity there are ebbs and flows. There are days where the creativity comes at you in 10ft barrels, there are others where it's just like glass.

It's about maintaining our creativity levels so we're always producing something new and "must listen," so we can get up our TSL and keep listeners listening to us. But as with everyone, there are really tough days.

Christmas gives us the answer to this; Surround yourself with people who provide a different mindset to yours.

You've got your radio family, but the problem is that they think creatively through the same prism you do, in that "radio mode."

Talk to your parents, siblings, grandparents, friends, partner, school mates and get their perspective on what they find funny, on what makes them cry, on what keeps them going.

Become the melting pot for your circle, where all the ideas come to you. It's then not necessarily idea generation you need to think about. It's idea moderation.

So enjoy your Christmas, forget about the radio for a moment and be present. Not a physical present, present in the moment. Ah, you knew what I meant...

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