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Radio Ramblings #1: We Got No Money!

In radio, one of the most common things I hear are the four words "We Got Not Money!"

But those words shouldn't dishearten you.

Instead it should inspire you.

I met a man named Adam when I was doing community radio in Fremantle WA. His passion for the business was evident from day one.

But the thing is with community radio, there is literally no money to do anything.

But that hasn't stopped him.

He's borrowed. He's scrounged. He's asked for favours,

All to get to a stage where on January 3, me, him & a bunch of our other radio friends are about to do our 6th outside broadcast pool party in seven years, live from his parents backyard.

They have the pool, for those wondering why we aren't doing it at his place.

We've created some amazing content like stunning live performances, bombie competitions plus tonnes and tonnes of listener interactions, all on a shoestring budget of under $100.

So when the boss says "We've got no money for what you want to do, sorry..."

Don't be disheartened.

Be inspired.

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